Unrepentant Man Sentenced 75 years For Ranch Takeover Threat


by Perry Backus, Ravalli Republic

HAMILTON — John Fesler Lance II remained unrepentant Wednesday on his right to threaten anyone he finds on the Sweeney Creek ranch near Florence that he lost in a 1979 divorce.

“There’s no conceivable way that I’m guilty of anything,” Lance said at his sentencing hearing. “I own the ranch today. I’ll post my life on that.”

Ravalli County District Judge Jeffrey Langton responded by sentencing the 73-year-old to 75 years in the Montana State Prison.

Lance was convicted by a jury in February of felony intimidation and stalking charges after he attempted to reclaim his ranch last September. The couple who now own the property held Lance at gunpoint after he arrived on the scene riding a maroon-colored scooter.

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Source:  Ravalli Republic



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