Schweitzer Sees Bison, Stahl Yens Impeachment


Northern Ag Network Note:  Governor Schweitzer has responded to the call for his impeachment and contends that he was within the law in moving bison to the Fort Peck Reservation.  Get his reaction by reading “Governor Schweitzer Calls Bull on Republicans.”

Monday was a big day in Montana as the story of bison relocation continues to unfold.  Over the weekend, the news broke that Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Department of Interior, was going to be in Montana to tour the Fort Peck Reservation bison containment facility with Governor Brian Schweitzer.  Those claims turned out to be false.  However, the Governor along with representatives from the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Department of Interior did have such a trip on their schedule. 

After spending the morning at the Fort Belknap Reservation, they then made their way to the Fort Peck Reservation.  When they arrived to the bison containment facility north of Wolf Point, they were met by more than bison.  A group of roughly 15 people had assembled and wanted answers from Governor Schweitzer.  The Northern Ag Network’s Haylie Shipp was there.

Northern Ag Network Note:  The final interview in the above video is with Vicki Hofeldt.

According to a copy of the Governor’s schedule, he will be touring Ted Turner’s Green Ranch and the National Bison Range on Tuesday.  After those tours wrap up, he will be meeting with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Council.

As Schweitzer took questions near the containment facility, a group of a different type was assembling in Helena.  State Representative Wayne Stahl, who represents House District 35 from Saco, held a press conference calling for the Impeachment of Governor Schweitzer and others for breaking the law regarding Senate Bill 212.

Russell Nemetz had the opportunity to interview Representative Stahl to discuss what law was broken and what needs to take place for impeachment.

Please note, above audio may take some time to load. 

CLICK HERE to read the official letter calling for the impeachment.

The bison that are currently in that containment facility on the Fort Peck Reservation have been court ordered to stay put.  A temporary restraining order was granted following their movement.  A court hearing has been scheduled for April 11 in Chinook to look at what has taken place.  For more background information, please read “Montana’s Bison Uproar in Review.”

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Haylie Shipp & Russell Nemetz


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