Sue Wallis Ambushed in Media Setup by Animal Rights Bullies


Sue Wallis, our former vice president, and staunch advocate for the humane and regulated processing of horses, was asked to participate in a telephone interview to present the horse industry’s view of the issue.

Only after the interview began did it become clear that it was a set up organized specifically to harass and vilify Sue Wallis personally, and the horse industry in general. Without informing her beforehand, the show included HSUS’ Wayne Pacelle, Madeleine Pickens, and R.T. Fitch all attacking Wallis with unfounded, unethical, and fallacious sound bites in an obviously choreographed ambush. 

Sue Wallis agreed to the radio interview with Sasha Rethati on her show “Sound Off with Sasha” on a local NPR radio station in Southwest Florida believing that she would be interviewed about the horse industry and the need for humane and regulated processing in U.S. See the email inquiry below.

When it was Sue’s opportunity to speak she was rudely interrupted by the other guests, meanwhile the host of the show, who was obviously a co-conspirator, also interrupted Wallis in an attempt to bait her with loaded, inflammatory questions.

While Sue did agree to the interview, what she did not agree to was the ambush that was about to take place on air.  It was never announced by the show’s producer or show beforehand that Sue would be joined on air by Pacelle,  Pickens, and Fitch–all leaders of the radical anti-slaughter, anti-agriculture, anti-horse industry animal rights brigade.

R.T. Fitch in particular has waged a vicious, unprincipled, and unrelenting campaign of libel and slander pointed personally at Sue Wallis for years. At the point when Wallis realized his participation, she refused any further interaction and left the interview.

“There is no point in carrying on any sort of dialog with rabid radicals who have ulterior motives,” says Wallis, “animal rights radicals are not interested in helping horses, if they were, they would be doing what we are doing, and that is collaborating with the international horse world to ensure that all horses, regardless of their circumstances, are handled humanely. Instead, they choose to vilify and attack the honest, hard-working, horse industry families of the U.S. by stealing their opportunity to make a living with animals, and to use misleading emotional rhetoric to fund-raise for their six figure salaries, and their multi-million dollar pension funds, while spending less than 1/2 of 1{fd15d42d1b024b97d6d50958be27cc8145b6addb99e015780abccf2984117bb0} of their ill-gotten gains to help a single dog, or cat, let alone a horse.”

You can listen to the “ambush” by clicking here.  Rep Wallis joins the conversation at the 36 minute mark.

Please let your views be known by commenting on, or calling their hotline at 877-428-8255. This host and her listeners need to hear from real horse people, from the tribes whose heritage and values are being co-opted without their support and against their interests by Pickens, by anyone in animal agriculture who is under assault from HSUS, and anyone who respects common decency and the truth.

Below is the invitation sent to Rep. Wallis.


Sasha ✆ 

Mar 26 (5 days ago)  

to sue.wallis, me 


Dear Rep. Wallis:

I am writing to invite you for an interview by telephone on Friday, March 30th at 12:30 ET, on the subject of horses.

I understand that you have a strong argument for establishing domestic slaughtering plants, and the public, unfamiliar with it,  needs to hear the rationale.

Look forward to hearing from you, – hopefully in confirmation.

Thank you,


“Sound Off with Sasha”

On Public Broadcasting

Fridays at 12 Noon on WGCU*WMKO


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