Seed Treatment Options for Wheat


Grown in almost every state in the U.S. across about 63 million acres, wheat is a vital crop that feeds millions and supports the livelihood of thousands of people and families. BASF is working with farmers to help produce the best crops possible on every acre.

Given the state of the agriculture economy and wheat markets, wheat growers’ future revenue and profit gains will likely come from increased production and quality on the same acres. That means as a wheat grower, you’re also having to closely manage your costs per bushel.

At BASF, we help cereal growers start strong and finish even stronger with healthier plants, higher yields and maximized profit potential. Whatever problems are keeping you from getting the most, acre after acre, we have field-tested solutions, personalized plans and the right team of people to help you grow wheat that adds up to success and gets talked about at the elevator.

This is what we mean when we say, Grow SmartTM with BASF. Talk to your BASF representative or authorized retailer about any of our products for wheat and other cereal crops.


Northern Ag Network and BASF 2018

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