Soggy Week Slows Progress, SE WY Thirsty


Familiar wet weather made it a soggy week in some parts of the region last week and according to the USDA NASS offices weekly crop progress report, it hindered some of that very progress that we were hoping would take place. 

In Montana, the sugarbeet harvest has begun and as of Sunday was 3{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} complete.  64{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of spring wheat has seen the combine, a slight improvement from last week, and 21{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of the silage corn has been harvested.  That’s compared to the 5-year average of 49{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4}.

North Dakota also had a slow-go last week seeing the first frost of the season.  Standing water and muddy fields have also kept producers out.  89{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of spring wheat has been harvested, 13{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of beets have been lifted at 32{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of the corn has been chopped for silage. 

80{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of corn for silage was harvested as of this past Sunday in South Dakota.  Winter wheat was 37{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} seeded.

And while some saw a ton of moisture, extremely dry, late summer conditions exist across the southeast portion of Wyoming.  The winter wheat is 77{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} planted.  56{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of the silage corn has been harvested and sugarbeet harvest has just started at 5{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4}.

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Haylie Shipp



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