Spring Wheat Harvest Nears End, Seeding Starts


OMAHA (DTN) — Corn condition ratings got slightly worse during the week ended Aug. 26, hitting 52{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} poor to very poor, according to USDA’s weekly Crop Progress report. Last week the crop was rated 51{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} poor to very poor.

“The dismal condition of the 2012 corn crop isn’t up for debate as the DTN Corn Condition Index fell another 3 index points to -5 points,” said DTN Analyst John Sanow. “Harvest is reportedly 6{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} complete, a 4 percentage point increase from the previous week.

“Traders will pay close attention to areas where high winds are expected to hit from Hurricane Isaac as weak stalks could cause significant lodging.”

Soybean conditions also worsened by 1 percentage point, to 38{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} poor to very poor, compared to last week’s 37{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107}.

“The DTN Soybean Condition Index fell 4 index points from last week to 41 points,” Sanow said. “This is more likely the result of maturation than a further condition decline of the crop, as beans dropping leaves reached 8{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107}, well above the 2{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} from last year and the 4{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} average.”

Winter wheat harvest is virtually complete, with USDA done reporting progress for the year. Spring wheat harvest is 89{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} complete, compared to a 57{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} five-year average.

“Minnesota and South Dakota are finished harvesting, while North Dakota sits at 96{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} and should wrap things up this week,” Sanow said.

Sorghum is 22{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} harvested, compared to a 19{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} average. Barley harvest is 79{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} complete and oats harvest is 98{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} complete.

The following are highlights from weekly crop progress reports issued Monday by National Ag Statistics Service offices in individual states. To view the full reports from each state, visit http://1.usa.gov/….

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(Northern Ag Network) — In our region, planting of winter wheat is happening as the spring wheat harvest nears an end.

In Montana, 73{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} of spring wheat and 86{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} of durum wheat has been harvested.  Sugar beets are rated 64{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} good-to-excellent.  Topsoil moisture, at 92{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} short-to-very short is much lower than the 67{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} of topsoil in that category last year.  See full report…

In Wyoming, 1{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} of winter wheat has been seeded compared to a 7{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} five-year average.  Eighty-one percent of the oats and 86{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} of barley has been harvested.  Topsoil moistue, at 94{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} short-to-very short is down from last year’s 46{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107}.  See full report…

In North Dakota,  spring wheat harvest is nearing completion at 96{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107}.  Durum harvest is 81{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} complete.  Topsoil moisture is far less than the flood year of 2011 with 67{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} rated Short-to-very short compared to the 9{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} in that category last year.  See full report…

In South Dakota, 69{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} of silage corn has been harvested and, at 1{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107} complete as of this past Sunday, winter wheat seeding has begun.  Ninety-one percent of topsoil moisture is rated short-to-very short compared to 2011’s 31{6b02cb02835b82b7f756ddf6717aaab7139b350de274ea97f5b53eb230607107}.  See full report…

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