Bayer Hosts 13th Annual AgVocacy Forum


This annual thought-leadership event brings together highly respected individuals across many industries, including technology, food, government and agriculture. While representing various industries, these leaders share the common goal of working toward achieving sustainable food production for our growing population.

With a focus on innovation and collaboration, this year’s lineup of speakers and panelists provides attendees the opportunity to hear an array of perspectives and insight related to ag. 2018 panelists include: Jayson Lusk, Farm Economist, Professor and Head of Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University; Cherryh Cansler, Editor at Fast Casual; Dr. Tim Anglea of The Coca-Cola Company; representatives from FFAR and the FAO; growers from across the country and more.

Northern Ag Networks Lane Nordlund shares more about the 13th annual forum. 


Northern Ag Network & Bayer

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