Stupid People Link Being Fat To Pesticides


It’s getting ridiculous when cable television networks decide to air a television series with Kirstie Alley as the star so that she can tell the audience how she couldn’t lose weight and keep it off eating Jennie Craig food because it was unhealthy in one way or another.

MSN WonderWall Entertainment reported that Alley and David Letterman on his show earlier this week blamed the food Americans eat as causing people to be fat. Letterman might have been kidding around a little, but Alley definitely wasn’t.

As reported on WonderWall, “Dave and Kirstie discussed diet tactics. Comparing the addictive chemicals in cigarettes to food ingredients, he theorized, ‘Everybody would like to lose weight …. I blame the American food producers because …. we get addicted to the food and the grease and we love it. Cake frosting, forget it, that’s all I eat.’

“Kirstie agreed and is taking steps to change her habits. ‘That’s what I’m working on now, is getting all the chemicals out of my life, out of all the foods, the pesticides, the insecticides, the herbicides, fungicides, all the antibiotics, all the hormones that are in food. It really is what’s making us fat because I’ve always eaten a lot and I wasn’t fat,’ she explained.’”

I have never heard of such junk science even from the most uneducated fools. All these chemical residues on crops, that Alley is suggesting, are not in our foods. If she had eaten those pesticides, she’d have lost her appetite rather than increased it. How could an insecticide encourage a human’s appetite when it was developed to kill insects that ruin food? Alley’s concept completely baffles me. There is no scientific basis for her opinions.

But of course, the A&E channel is going to air a series based around Alley’s weight loss concepts and efforts—“Kirstie Alley’s Big Life.” She failed miserably as a spokesperson for Jennie Craig.

Do the television channel officials agree with Alley or do they think her off-the-wall beliefs will simply make good TV? I’m sure they don’t worry about painting the agricultural industry of the U.S. in an extremely ugly light.

How do you counter stupidity? It definitely isn’t with real science because people like Alley must believe in science beamed into their heads from outer space.

I’m sorry to say it, but in the words of comedian Ron White, “you can’t fix stupid.”

Source: Rich Keller, editor of AgProfessional

Posted by Haylie Shipp

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