USDA Releases 2009 ACRE Program Results


USDA released the 2009 actual state yields for the Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) program for wheat, barley, and oats.  Data for other crops will be announced as it becomes available.  Producers that elected and enrolled in ACRE for the 2009 crop year are projected to receive a 2009 ACRE payment if they planted wheat, barley, or oats and they met the farm trigger.  The Farm Productivity Index factor could change the payment rate for each specific farm. 2009 ACRE payments will be made beginning in October of 2010.

Through ACRE, FSA offers producers an alternative to Counter-Cyclical payments under the Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program (DCP) beginning with the 2009 crop year. The ACRE alternative provides eligible producers a state-level revenue guarantee, based on the 5-year state Olympic average yield and the 2-year national average price. ACRE payments are made when both state- and farm-level triggers are met. By participating in ACRE, producers elect to forgo counter-cyclical payments, receive a 20-percent reduction in direct payments and a 30-percent reduction in loan rates.  A decision to elect ACRE binds the producer to the program through the 2012 crop year, the last crop year covered by the 2008 Farm Bill.  ACRE’s revenue-based approach makes payments based on price and yield movements relative to the guarantee.

The following table provides the state guarantee for the 2009 crop year ACRE Program for farms located in Montana. The actual state yield and marketing year average price data will be updated as data becomes available for each respective crop.  The price and yield data along with additional ACRE information can be found on FSA’s website at

USDA also reminds producers they have until June 1, 2010, to enroll their farms in either the 2010 Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program (DCP) or the ACRE program.  This is a mandatory deadline for all participants and USDA will not accept any late-file applications.  Please contact your local FSA office for more information or to set up an appointment well before the June 1st deadline.

 Source: USDA Farm Service Agency

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