Summer Storms: Reminder to Cover your Crops with State Hail Insurance




Helena, Montana. – Severe weather is no stranger to Montana farmers. The recent storms are a reminder of the importance of having adequate coverage for your crops each season. The Montana State Hail Insurance program began its operations earlier this spring and the staff is prepared to accept new policies through August 15, 2016. Staff is available 8am-5pm Monday through Friday to accept policies, file claims, and to answer any questions producers might have regarding coverage options.


The maximum coverage rate for dry land is $75 per acre and $114 per acre for irrigated land.  Rates vary by county depending on the hail loss history of the area. A detailed list of rates by county and crop can be found on the program’s website.


“The Montana State Hail Insurance program was created at the request of farmers in 1917 to provide hail insurance coverage on any crop grown in Montana. We offer competitive insurance coverage and a proven track record of helping farmers manage hail risk. Many farmers carry both state and private hail insurance to ensure they have adequate hail loss protection,” said Walt Anseth, Program Supervisor. The program is directed by a five-member board consisting of three producers, the state agriculture director, and the state insurance commissioner.


State hail insurance forms are available online at or by calling the office.  Completed forms can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to the department using the contact information below, or used as a reference when you contact the program by phone.


Contact Information:

Montana State Hail Insurance Program

P.O. Box 200201

Helena, MT 59620

Phone: (406) 444-5429

Toll Free: 1 (844) 515-1571

Fax: (406) 444-9422


Source:  The Montana Department of Agriculture

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