Summit of the Horse Gets Underway


This week in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the new year’s most highly anticipated events is getting underway inside the Southpoint Hotel and Casino from Monday the 3rd through Thursday the 6th.  The Summit of the Horse is a gathering of men and women who make their living with horses, and those who care deeply about ecological balance on healthy lands.  It is a summit of concerned citizens who understand what is necessary to keep the land, the horses, the people, the cultures, and the economics vibrant and healthy.  The expected attendance of the summit will include government officials, horsemen, wildlife advocates, tribal officials, ranchers and horse experts from all across the United States.

One of the goals of the summit is to find solutions to deal with the excess number of horses on federal, state, tribal and private lands.  Long-term, sustainable solutions based on science, experience and compassion for horses will be explained and discussed by range scientists, conservationists and horse experts during the event.  Another one of the hot topics that will be addressed during the summit has to do with restoring humane and regulated horse processing to the industry. 

There is an impressive array of guest speakers that will also be in attendance.  Trent Loos, creator of Loos Tales will be the Master of Ceremonies; Charlie Stenholm, former Texas Congressman; Bob Abbey, current director of the BLM; John Fallon, President of the Public Lands Council; Tribal Leaders from roughly twenty-five tribes; Nancy Robinson, Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs for the Livestock Marketing Association; and Dr. Temple Grandin, outstanding leader in the horse industry and humane handling of horses from Colorado State University, best selling author, and subject of an seven time Emmy-winning HBO movie titled Temple Grandin.  A more extensive list of speakers who will be presenting throughout the summit is available online; click here to view the lineup for yourself!

If you’re interested in watching the Summit of the Horse, in its entirety from the comfort of your home, a Live Stream Webcast is available for $25 and provides complete access to the events of the summit.  Click here to find the page with access to the webcasts, watch for the purchasing option on the right side of the screen.


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Kaci Switzer


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