Ted Turner Buys Famed Triple U Ranch for $32.4 Million


The following is a portion of an article by Stephen Lee


The famous Triple U Buffalo Ranch northwest of Fort Pierre, SD, the setting for key parts of the 1990 movie “Dances with Wolves,” has been sold to Ted Turner.

The Triple U Standing Butte Ranch will be about the 19th ranch Turner owns.

According to his Ted Turner Enterprises website, he owns three ranches in Argentina and 15 in seven states: Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and South Dakota.  The 3,000 or so buffalo on the Triple U will add to the 51,000 head of buffalo Turner already owns, making him the world’s number one buffalo owner.

With 2 million acres, plus this added 45,000, Turner is considered the second-largest private owner of land in the United States, just behind his friend and fellow cable TV mogul, John Malone, said to own 2.2 million acres.


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Source:  Capital Journal

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