The Code of the West: Alive & Well in Wyoming


The Wyoming Stock Growers Association is having their annual convention in Casper this week.  While there, one theme has made itself known.

The Code of the West, or the Cowboy Code, is 10 simple rules to live by.  The rules are as simple as doing what has to be done and keeping your promises.  However, even something as simple as this has brought opposition from folks saying it was too “cowboyish.”  Regardless of what those claims may be, Jim Magagna, Executive Director of the Wyoming Stockgrowers Association tells us this is a Code they are proud to practice and support.  Jim Owen with the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership was the kickoff speaker for the 2010 Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show.  Hee’s the one that gathered up what makes  this code.

Magagna outlined Owen’s effort and what the Code stands for.

While here with the Stock Growers, they showed a documentary entitled “Code of the West:  Alive and Well in Wyoming.”  It features Frank Shepperson, outgoing WSGA President.  You can also catch a glimpse of him in this trailer.

The Code of the West: Alive & Well in Wyoming – Trailer from Havey Productions on Vimeo.

The Wyoming Legislature did make this Cowboy Code the official state code of Wyoming with Senate File 51 declaring it as something live by.  However, they note that there are no penalties associated with this symbolic action.

For more on the 2010 Wyoming Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show, read Stock Growers Gather in Casper, Wyoming.


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Haylie Shipp


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