New “Pizza Ag Mag” Is Available


The new version of the popular Pizza Ag Mag publication is available for order.                                                                                   

The four-page, tabloid-style publication features articles such as “Crust Starts on the Farm” explaining how pizza crust is made from wheat and including facts about wheat production.  The “Pizza History Timeline” goes all the way back to 4000 BC, when Egyptians first began making bread with yeast.  The “Slice of Life” article features a young tomato farmer and a cheese production manager at a food company explaining how tomatoes are grown and how cheese is made, and how those farm products make their way into one of kids’ favorite foods.

“Kids love pizza, and the Pizza Ag Mag is a great way to make agriculture relevant to them,” said Curtis Miller, director of education for the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, which developed the Ag Mag.

The Pizza Ag Mag is appropriate for students in third to fifth grades.  It educates about math, science, social science, reading and, of course, agriculture.

Along with dozens of facts about pizza and the many agricultural products that go into it, the Ag Mag includes activities and, as all Foundation materials do, a list of the national standards that the publication helps educators and students meet.

Copies are available in sets of 30 for $5. To order, go to https://www.fb-orders.con/ageducate/ and scroll down to find the new Pizza Ag Mag.

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