U.S. Tractor, Combine Sales up in July


According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturer's monthly “Flash Report,” the sale of all tractors in the U.S. in July 2018, were up 13{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b} compared to the same month last year.

Agri Marketing magazine reports that for the seven months in 2018, a total of 144,995 tractors were sold which compares to 134,954 sold thru July 2017 representing a 7{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b} increase for the year.

Two-wheel drive smaller tractors (under 40 HP) were up 16{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b} from last year, while 40 & under 100 HP were down 1{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b}. Sales of 2-wheel drive 100+ HP were up 31{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b}, while 4-wheel drive tractors were up 78{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b}.

For the year, two-wheel drive smaller tractors (under 40 HP) are up 10{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b} from last year, while 40 & under 100 HP are up 3{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b}. Sales of 2-wheel drive 100+ HP are up 5{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b}, while 4-wheel drive tractors are up 13{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b}.

Combine sales were up 37{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b} for the month. Sales of combines for the year total 2,571 compared to 2,078 in 2017, a 24{4c92fa2179cbca4bed3bb0c6c6ce267033d9d158a5f4060fb03bde3d74c11c2b} increase.

Source: AEM

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