Ukraine, Russia Begin Spring Planting


MOSCOW (Dow Jones) — Ukraine's farmers have begun planting spring grain for the 2014 harvest on time, despite the current political uncertainty, and the planting will be carried out within the optimal timeframe for the development of the crops, the agriculture ministry said Monday.


The ministry said planting had begun in the southern Zaporozhye, Kherson and Nikolaev regions and in the Crimea Peninsula, while planting in other areas would start within days. Ukraine planted spring grains up to March 1 on 25,100 hectares.


The ministry said planting this year began later than last year, but earlier than in previous years, when planting was delayed by inclement weather. In 2013, Ukraine had planted spring grain on 34,000 hectares up to Feb. 25.


In 2012, Ukraine planted spring grain on 32,200 hectares up to March 20, while in 2011, it planted spring grain on 113,300 hectares up to March 17.


In 2010, planting was also delayed by bad weather, with no spring grain reported planted up to March 16. In 2009, 200,000 hectares were planted up to March 16 and in 2008, 400,000 hectares were planted up to March 16.


Russia started spring grain planting for the 2014 harvest earlier than last year, with spring grains planted on 14,700 hectares to March 3, the agriculture ministry reported Monday.


The ministry didn't give figures for comparison with last year's planting pace but, according to the ministry's past reports, in 2013 spring crops were planted on 634,600 hectares at April 3, which comprises about a week of planting.


In 2012, spring grains planting didn't start before April 3 and the ministry reported that spring grains were planted on 655,700 hectares to April 10.



Source:  Dow Jones

Posted by Haylie Shipp

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