Upgrade Your Colored Penciled Plat Book!


In working for the ranch real estate company Hall & Hall for the better part of the last decade, Debbie Partin has realized that the maps she put together in that position could also be something of interest for landowners that didn’t want to sell their property.  We’ve crossed paths with Deb at various trade shows, but had the chance to talk with her last week about her new endeavor.  It’s a custom mapping business that she calls “Just Map It.”

According to Debbie, people come to her wanting custom maps for a variety of reasons.  Some want a nice map of their property to hang on a wall while others just need a complete map to keep in vehicles.  She also explained that a substantial amount of the work that she does is dedicated towards hunting maps.  These maps can show hunters what land is private and what land is public throughout a ranch.  Along with being able to carry the print version, those visiting a property can also plug the information into their GPS system.  This can also come in handy when working with oil and gas development.  Debbie also told us that she is mapping out different large bodies of water in our region in order to make waterproof maps that you can take out on the boat!

For more on this custom mapping company, visit Just Map It’s website.  Debbie is based in Montana but capable of producing maps for anywhere.

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Haylie Shipp


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