USDA Experiments With New Tool To Deter Wolves


Wisconsin Ag Connection reports: 

Wisconsin wildlife officials are teaming up with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in testing a new method that could help keep wolves from preying on vulnerable farm animals. Using a system called

'Foxlights,' an inexpensive light sensor system that runs on a six volt battery, livestock producers hope to deter gray wolves from getting too close to their properties.

An animal rights group called the Wolves of Douglas County is distributing the light systems in northern Wisconsin through the USDA's Wildlife Service. They oppose wolf hunting and say the Foxlights concept is a better solution than reducing the wolf population.

Meanwhile, the wildlife agency has already installed the lights on a local farm that has been experiencing problems with wolves. Coordinators say livestock producers may be able to use the device on a short-term trial basis if they feel their animals are in danger.

Foxlights was invented by an Australian farmer who had problems protecting his own sheep.


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