USDA to Survey Northern Plains Growers Again


The following is an article from Dow Jones.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Thursday it will repeat a survey of farmers in the northern Plains to find out how much wheat, barley and oats they produced, because the harvest was still incomplete during the earlier review.

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service may release updated estimates for acreage, yield, production and stocks for barley, oats, durum wheat and other spring wheat in its November crop production report. Previous estimates, included in a small grains summary released Thursday, were based on a sample of producers growing the crops.

Producers hadn’t harvested much of their grain when they were surveyed for the small grains report earlier this month. Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon and Washington had a “significant” amount of unharvested acres, the statistics service said.

“NASS will resurvey respondents who previously reported acreage not yet harvested in these states,” the government said. “If the newly collected data justifies any changes, NASS will include updated estimates in the Nov. 9 report. Stocks estimates are also subject to review since unharvested production is included in the estimate of on-farm stocks.”

Wet weather has slowed harvests in parts of the northern Plains. Some farmers were still working to cut their spring wheat this week, as the harvest was 89 percent complete as of Sunday, below the average of 98 percent for this time of year, according to the USDA.


Source:  Dow Jones

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