Watch for THIEVES working these parts!


This time of year when YOU get really busy…

Don’t forget that THIEVES are also busy right now as well!

We received a disturbing call from Dick Hardt  who farms out west of Billings this morning to tell us that they have had a load of Gated Irrigation Pipe stolen this past week.

The Hardt Farm is offering a $500 Reward to anyone who helps them locate their pipe.

It was stolen from the corner of Shiloh and Broadwater right across from Faith Chapel, and includes about 30 pipes, each 30 feet long.  This is both Aluminum and Plastic gated pipe, in 10-inch and 12-inch size. 

If you see a load of this kind of pipe, or hear about someone trying to sell it, call the Hardt Farm at 670-8995 for the Reward.

This is just a good reminder to all of us:

• Stay alert, and notice strange vehicles in places where they don’t belong.

• Keep an eye on your neighbor’s place and report anything unusual.

• Especially notice activity at odd hours of the night.

Just be smart, and notice what’s happening around you.

And, if you find a load of Aluminum and Plastic pipe, the Hardt Farm will pay a nice reward to get it back!


submitted by Taylor Brown

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