Wheat Harvest Zips Along in MT, Lags in WY & SD


Montana's winter wheat harvest is clipping along ahead of schedule.  As of Sunday, 40{ba1edae1e6da4446a8482f505d60d3b8e379ff6dedafe596d9ba4611a4e33a48} of crop had seen the combine compared with 17{ba1edae1e6da4446a8482f505d60d3b8e379ff6dedafe596d9ba4611a4e33a48} at this time last year and the five-year, 18{ba1edae1e6da4446a8482f505d60d3b8e379ff6dedafe596d9ba4611a4e33a48} average.  

Wyoming winter wheat is substantially behind when it comes to harvest progress.  At 5{ba1edae1e6da4446a8482f505d60d3b8e379ff6dedafe596d9ba4611a4e33a48} harvested, it compares to 67{ba1edae1e6da4446a8482f505d60d3b8e379ff6dedafe596d9ba4611a4e33a48} last year and the five-year average of 70{ba1edae1e6da4446a8482f505d60d3b8e379ff6dedafe596d9ba4611a4e33a48}.  

South Dakota's winter wheat is now 55{ba1edae1e6da4446a8482f505d60d3b8e379ff6dedafe596d9ba4611a4e33a48} harvested.  That is ahead of last year but behind the 76{ba1edae1e6da4446a8482f505d60d3b8e379ff6dedafe596d9ba4611a4e33a48} average.  

In North Dakota, 16{ba1edae1e6da4446a8482f505d60d3b8e379ff6dedafe596d9ba4611a4e33a48} of the winter wheat crop is considered to be mature with no harvest progress reported as of this past Sunday.

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Photo Credit: Leslie Miller Hein

Haylie Shipp

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