Who Owns the Most Land in the United States?


The numbers are in and the largest landowners in the U.S. are investing in more land.  According to “The Land Report,” a report sponsored by Fay Ranches owner Greg Fay, the top 100 landowners in the U.S. added another 700,000 acres in 2012.


How much land do they own?


With a total of 33 million acres owned, the top 100 own 2{2ef9c3c98ecad0f5b6e710b70ac99d8dfa54665490ddf8739b8039687d59f9df} of the land mass of the U.S.


The top two, John Malone and Ted Turner, each own over 2 million acres.  Down to the bottom of the list, four estates, all with ranches as part of their portfolio, are tied at 100,000 acres.


There is one name on the list that might surprise you!  Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, comes in at number 17.  Of course the land isn't just Ree's, the Drummond family, which she married into, has been ranching in Oklahoma for over a century.  Today the hard-working family counts her as part of the clan.


CLICK HERE to read the report.




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Haylie Shipp

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