Who Produces Your Beef?


The average American is more than three generations removed from farming and ranching, but the GOOD NEWS is that they’re also more interested than ever in learning where their food comes from!  National Farm-City Week is underway through November 25.  In honor, the Beef Checkoff has unveiled “Close-Up on Raising Beef,” a film series that provides a unique, objective view of how beef gets from pasture to plate. Close-Up is a collection of three short documentaries produced by student filmmakers with funding from the Beef Checkoff Program. 

The videos, which you can watch below, were produced by “millennial” filmmakers, ages 18 to 30 years.  This generation is an important demographic for beef consumption.  Their influence will continue to grow as they replace baby boomers as the dominant demographic group in society.

A Film by Katie Griffith from ExploreBeef on Vimeo.

The Care Package: Cattle Welfare in the West from ExploreBeef on Vimeo.

Green Pastures from ExploreBeef on Vimeo.

For more information on the efforts of the Beef Checkoff to connect consumers to producers, visit www.ExploreBeef.org.


Posted by Haylie Shipp


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