Wintering Livestock Across Our Northern Plains


The winters of Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Colorado, and several other states of the Northwest have a reputation for being, at times, wicked and borderline unbearable.  This takes on a whole new dimension for our region’s livestock producers.  There are several ways winter weather can deplete an animal’s health; in order to prevent that, the rancher needs to be well armed with knowledge and prepared to make some significant adjustments to come out sunny in early spring.

Northern Ag has been speaking with a variety of livestock professionals around our region in order to compile some of the best tips and information available for a producer on the Northern Plains.  The links below include vital and valuable information from shelter and feeding, to vaccinations and care during gestation.  Click on the links below to hear advice tailored to our cowboys of the Northwest.

 Click here to listen to advice from Greg Lardy, Department Head of North Dakota State University’s Animal Science Program.

 Click here to hear tips from John Paterson, Extension Beef Specialist for Montana State University in Bozeman

 Click here to listen to Cody Wright, Extension Beef Specialist for South Dakota State University

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Kaci Switzer


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