Wolves Kill 176 Sheep Over the Weekend, Eat One


The following is portion of an article from VallyCitizen.com:


by Jeannette Boner and Sarah Schneider


Idaho Fish and Game and the US Wildlife Services have confirmed 176 lambs from the Siddoway Ranch Company were killed this weekend by the Pine Creek wolf pack.


The Siddoway Sheep Company said in a news release Monday morning that a pack of wolves attacked a herd of sheep around 1 a.m. on Saturday killing 119 lambs and 57 ewes. This was not the first attack for the Siddoway Ranch this year and Regional Wildlife Supervisor for the Idaho Fish and Game, Daryl Meints said this pack has been active for several years.


In the news release, the sheep were grazing between Pole Canyon and the central Palisades Mountain Range approximately six miles south of Victor. In the dark, the herders watching the sheep could not count the number of wolves mounting the attack. Some sheep were bitten, while others suffocated, as the wolves forced them into a pile. This scenario was confirmed by Idaho Wildlife Services State Director Todd Grimes who added that the sheep were running down hill at the time of the attack.


As the sun rose, the herders were able to inspect the kill. The wolves ate the hindquarters of just one lamb.


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Source:  ValleyCitizen.com

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