James Leachmans’ Horse Abuse Conviction Upheld


The following is portion of an article from the Missoulian:


by Jan Falstad


Yellowstone County District Judge Susan Watters has upheld James Leachman’s jury conviction on five counts of abusing his horses.


Leachman, a longtime Billings horse and cattle breeder, didn’t deny owning the horses he was convicted of abusing during his December trial, so he can’t raise that issue on appeal, the judge ruled.


Leachman, acting as his own attorney, appealed his Justice Court conviction to District Court by arguing that prosecutors never proved he owned the horses.


But in her Aug. 12 ruling, Judge Watters said Leachman had argued in a court motion that the evidence showed he was in the pastures caring for his horses.


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Source:  Missoulian

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