WY Beef Council Addresses New Checkoff


The Wyoming Beef Council met in Casper in December and approved a preliminary plan of action to assess producer support for a Wyoming beef checkoff.  This plan of action was approved and is being circulated to assure Wyoming beef producers that the members of the Wyoming Beef Council have no intention of implementing a state beef checkoff without assurance of widespread support for such an action. In addition, a history of the beef checkoff in Wyoming is included and answers to some frequently asked questions.

At the meeting, WBC Chairman Spencer Ellis, Lovell, expressed concern over confusion and misinformation in the industry related to the bill clarifying the authority of the Wyoming Livestock Board to collect a Wyoming beef checkoff.  “The proposed bill only clarifies existing language.  Passage of the bill in no way guarantees an additional checkoff and a whole dollar more has never been discussed.”  History of producer surveys shows moderate support for a state assessment of up to fifty cents but negligible support for more than that.  Ellis added, “While I see the need for an increase it is important to determine the level of support before taking action, after all, as members of the Council, we represent the entire industry, not just ourselves as individuals.” 

CLICK HERE to be directed to the preliminary plan of action.

CLICK HERE to read more from the Wyoming Beef Council Chairman Spencer Ellis.


Source:  Wyoming Beef Council

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