Wyoming Woman Killed When Vehicle Collided with Horses on Highway


Osage, Wyo. – A fatal crash on January 25th has resulted in the death of 57 year old Newcastle, Wyoming resident Tina M. Morris. The crash occurred at 11:45 p.m. on the 25th near mile post 233 on US Highway 16 near the city limits of Osage, Wyoming.

According to a report on KGWN (http://bit.ly/23ugZLu) Morris was a passenger in a 2000 Chevrolet Impala passenger car driven by 39 year old Timothy J. Dawson, also from Newcastle.

The Impala was traveling east on US 16 when Dawson failed to see a herd of horses on the highway. The Chevy collided with four horses as no attempt was made by Dawson to avoid them. The Chevy veered to the right off the highway, crossed Wyoming State Highway 451, traversed a hill and came to rest next to the Right-of-Way fence.

Drug use, speed and livestock on the highway are being investigated as contributing factors in this crash.

As for the horses, two were killed in the crash and the other two had to be put down due to injuries.



Source:  KGWN



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