Yellowstone Park Bison in Montana Year-Round?


Public meetings hosted by Montana FWP and the Departmet of Livestock were held last week in West Yellowstone and Gardiner to gauge public interest in allowing Yellowstone National Park bison in parts of the state of Montana year-round.  Ariel Overstreet is the Director of Communications for the Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA). 

She took the time last week to attend both of those meetings and gave us this recap.

Ariel said that even on the drive there, cattle were beside the highway in an area right next to where this proposal would allow bison year round.

She explains how MSGA feels about expanded tolerance.

Ariel says they’re looking at a fast turnaround in this decision.  They’re expecting to have a draft environmental assessment done by the end of October, public comment on that to close in late November, and a final decision by mid-December.


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Haylie Shipp


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