Younkin Family Sees Inspiration at NILE


The following is part of an article from the Billings Gazette.

The Coombe family of Edgar had donated a heifer to a program aimed at getting kids into the cattle business. The girl who won it was a teenager from Hinsdale, a tiny town near the Canadian border.

But before 16-year-old Cadence Younkin could pick up the heifer, things went tragically wrong.

Cadence Younkin was driving her three brothers to school when their pickup caught a patch of gravel and rolled, throwing everyone from the truck. One of the boys was declared dead on scene, the rest were severely injured.

Cadence, 16, lay in a coma.

Days went by and no one came to pick up the heifer. Then someone called to break the news.

“I think it was Bill Pelton, the director of the Merit Heifer program” Kelli Coombe said. “He called the day he found out about the accident and kind of left it up to us what to do with the heifer. We just kind of thought we’d wait and see.”

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