21 Angus Top Cut Bull Sale



Welcome to the 21 Angus Ranch 23rd ANNUAL TOP CUT BULL SALE!

We are proud to offer the best set of bulls ever at 21 Angus Ranch.

Our sale offering includes 155 top-cut bulls. Many 1/2 and 3/4 brothers
will sell in volume. 80{f75e9bc95454961d27ea60375533d5bd3793c6b31aa68057771d9b5363a8de8e} of these bulls selling are calving ease bulls with
superior performance that will work well on heifers or cows, without
sacrificing performance or pay weight. They are a uniform, deep-ribbed
group with superb eye appeal. All of the bulls are born and raised right here
on the ranch. No cooperator herds, hoof trimming, or creep feeders.

The bulls selling represent only the top 45{f75e9bc95454961d27ea60375533d5bd3793c6b31aa68057771d9b5363a8de8e} of the bull calf crop. These
bulls will give you top quality feeder steers that demand premiums paid, and
moderate sized replacement females that will excel in fleshing ability, udder
quality, fertility, calving-ease, and growth, without sacrificing carcass traits.

This year we utilized the i50K DNA test for our sale offering as a tool to
solidify higher accuracy and identity to our genetics, that will improve your
bottom line.

As always, we are most thankful for you, our customers, for your
continued excitement and support of our program. We share your love of
Angus cattle, and are thrilled to be partners with you today and always in
the Angus business. Please feel free to call or stop by anytime to look at the
sale offering so we may answer any questions you may have. You may also
visit our website for any updates and sale information, www.21angus.com

Looking forward to seeing you sale day,
Marc and Archie Wolf
Marc and Archie Wolf and family

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