A Legacy of Legends: Carrying on the Traditions of Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance



This weekend, our network’s Lane Nordlund is in Fort Worth Texas with horsemen and women from across the map who are taking part in the 2016 A Legacy of Legends.  The purpose of the event is to continue the legacy of two of the horse world’s greatest teachers, Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. 


 Lane spoke with Buck Brannaman a world renowned horsemen and Carolyn Hunt, the wife of the late Ray Hunt. The two co-founded the event to continue to teach the future horsemen and women. 



From “A Legacy of Legends” Website:  

A Legacy of Legends is a continuation of what Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance taught and understood about horses.

While Ray is widely considered the greatest and most influential horseman of all time, he was always quick to give the credit to Tom.

“Tom told the horse’s side of the story,” Ray said in an interview not long after Tom’s passing. “He knew what the horse was going to do before the horse knew it. I’d never seen anything like it and I’ve never met anyone since who understands the horse the way Tom did. He had something truly special.”

Together Tom and Ray changed the horse world, but with the loss of Ray in 2009 there were concerns about how to preserve their legacy and assure that the extraordinary gift they had given us was passed on.

The Legacy of Legends annual gathering brings together some of today’s best examples of what Tom and Ray started, and through our scholarship program we are certain the learning will continue and the lessons these two legends taught will never be forgotten.

Like Tom and Ray, who were always thinking about how they might make it easier or better for the horse, A Legacy of Legends offers others the encouragement and understanding to keep searching too.



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