Ask-a-scientist at UW research and extension field day near Lingle

            Attendees can ask-a-scientist during the field day at the University of Wyoming research and extension (R&E) center near Lingle Thursday, Aug. 20.

            The field day begins with registration and a welcome at 3 p.m. and ends with a 5:30 dinner, all at the James C. Hageman Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Center (SAREC) near Lingle.

            “A recent report indicated people appreciate receiving information directly from a scientist because they are respected and a creditable source of information,” said Bret Hess, associate dean of research in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, which directs four R&E centers in the state.

            Three SAREC research projects will be presented in-depth followed by three-minute summaries of research, then tours of plots and research poster presentations.

            The schedule includes:

            3:20 p.m. – Cheatgrass Restoration Challenge at SAREC; blue tongue disease study; Rogers Research Site activities

            4 p.m. – Fastest three minutes: Wheat variety trial and wheat weather monitoring results; beneficial insects for alfalfa; pollinator plot work; cultural practices influencing dry bean harvest efficiency; planting date and residential herbicide effects on inter-seeded winter forage crops; research associate Jerry Nachtman retirement appreciation

            4:30/4:45 p.m. – Plot stops:  Pollinator plots and high tunnel research; grass-legume mixture for improved forage yield, forage quality, soil properties and economic return; beneficial insects for alfalfa; Goss’s wilt (causes systemic infection and wilting of corn plants, as well as severe leaf blighting)

            Research poster presentations: Management of Rhizoctonia disease of sugar beets; winter wheat/cover crop/compost study; beneficial insects for alfalfa

            The field days bulletin showing research at SAREC and the centers at Laramie, Powell and Sheridan is at

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