Beef Improvement Fed. coming to MT in 2011


Leaders in Montana’s seedstock genetics industry are excited that the Beef Improvement Federation, (BIF), one of the world’s leading organizations supporting beef production and genetic improvement, is coming to the MSU campus in Bozeman, Montana for its 2011 national meeting.

Mike MacNeil, a Research Geneticist with the USDA- Agricultural Research Service in Miles City reports that local organizers have asked Joe Cassady, the Executive Director of the Beef Improvement Federation to come to Bozeman April 27-28, to tour the MSU facilities that are available for hosting the convention.   At that time MacNeil says they will hold some preliminary discussions concerning the symposia programming.  The BIF has a program committee that makes the final decisions about the program, but has recommended that Montana leaders offer suggestions as to content and speakers.  MacNeil says they will likely would start soon task a few subcommittees, to start working in areas such as convention registration, tours, program, etc.

A link to the 2010 meeting in Missouri is

More than 68 years ago, the true pioneers of the performance beef cattle movement began the research which led to the use of objective measurements for evaluating beef cattle. Selection based on objective measures has withstood the test of time and continues to undergo scrutiny by researchers, organizations and the ultimate judge, beef cattle producers.

As a means to standardize programs and methodology and to create greater awareness, acceptance and usage of beef cattle performance concepts, the Beef Improvement Federation was formed. The organization’s three leaf clover logo would come to represent Industry, Extension and Research and to early pioneers of BIF, represented then, in the twilight of the 20th century.

Today the BIF represents over 40 state and national cattle industry associations.  For more information on the Beef Improvement Federation, visit


Michael D. MacNeil

Research Geneticist

USDA- Agricultural Research Service

Miles City, MT 59301


(406) 874-8213 voice

(406) 874-8289 fax


Submitted by:  Taylor Brown

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