BNSF, UP Award Grants for Centennial Ranches


The following is a press release from the WSGA:

In a show of support for Wyoming’s vital ranching culture and history, BNSF Railroad Foundation and Union Pacific Railroad awarded funding to the Wyoming Stock Growers Association in support of the Wyoming Centennial Farm & Ranch program.

Union Pacific and BNSF each approved grants of $5,000 for the program. The funding was granted to The Wyoming Stock Growers Association, which partners with the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office to implement the Centennial Farm & Ranch program.

“We are extremely grateful to both BNSF and Union Pacific for their generous contribution to the Centennial Farm & Ranch program,” WSGA Executive Vice President Jim Magagna [MAH-GAG-NAH] said. “Agriculture is a leading Wyoming industry and created the open spaces and western culture we so greatly value. It is because of our history that we are successful stewards of the land today.”

The funding from Union Pacific will help support the Centennial Farm & Ranch Program awards ceremony on August 20, at 11:30 a.m. during Wyoming State Fair in Douglas. The BNSF funding will aid in the publication of the Centennial Farm & Ranch Yearbook.

The Wyoming Centennial Farm and Ranch program annually honors families who have owned and operated the same farm or ranch for 100 years or more. For more information or to apply for recognition in the Wyoming Centennial Farm & Ranch program visit or call 307-777-3418.

Source:  WSGA

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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