Custom Harvester Calls for “Really Good Crop”


A third-generation wheat harvesting company, Zeorian Harvesting hasn't started their year out in Texas for some time.  The drought has been too devastating to require a multitude of custom harvesters.  When that hasn't been the challenge, an early freeze has.  This year could be different.
In an interview with Haylie Shipp on Monday, Zeorian stated, “What we're hearing this year sounds like a really good crop.”  Acknowledging that a lot can change between now and harvest, she says that they've heard the Texas wheat crop looks like it hasn't in several years.  It's music to a custom harvester's ears.
So when will wheat harvest begin?
Zeorian told Shipp that, best case scenario, they could start harvesting anywhere from mid-May to the end of May.  “If it works out that we can head down into Texas,” said Zeorian, “that's where we'll head first.”  From there, the trek would likely take them from Texas to Oklahoma.  Then they'll travel through Kansas and eventually end up in Jordan, Montana.
While this year's winter wheat crop is breaking dormancy, Zeorian also says that there is a fuel tank issue before them.  In Washington, D.C., there are two bills that have been introduced dealing with the volume of fuel they can haul.  She says that both S. 654 and H.R. 1267 hold promise.
Zeorian told Shipp that, “We can only haul up to 119 gallons on our Class A CDL without a HAZMAT right now.”  However, she went on to say that with the exemption included in the legislation, they would be able to haul up to 1,000 gallons.  You can bet that this will impact other agribusiness and, for their family, make it easier to get fuel to the field.  That equals more productivity.
To follow the Zeorian Harvesting crew along their adventure, head to their website.


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