Earth Day is Every Day for Ag Producers


Earth Day is every day for America’s farmers and ranchers.  We took some time this week to chat with leaders in the industry about the one thing we can all agree on – the importance of a healthy Earth for a health agriculture industry.

Bill Bullard, Chief Executive Officer of R-CALF USA, outlined the necessity for land, air and water care.

Sheyna Strommen with the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association explained how farmers and ranchers have reduced our carbon footprint.

This list, compiled by the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association, tells some other ways that producers care for the environment:

  • Planting trees for windbreaks which provide protection for cattle and wildlife;
  • Utilizing beef production technologies to raise more beef with fewer natural resources;
  • Plant cover crops to increase soil fertility;
  • Thanks to smart practices, raising livestock in the U.S. today accounts for less than 3 percent of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions;
  • On average, each cattleman has 13 different practices in place to accomplish environmental goals such as nurturing wildlife, preventing erosion and conserving and protecting water.
  • Since 1977 the beef cattle industry has reduce its carbon footprint by 18 percent using modern ag production.

It’s no secret.  Some of the best, most devoted environmentalists around are the farmers and ranchers who put food on your table and clothes on your back.  Don’t forget to thank a farmer or a rancher today!


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Kaci Switzer & Haylie Shipp


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