Works to Ebb Holiday Loneliness.


Holidays magnify loneliness.  Everyone seems like they have someone and, if you don’t, it can be hard.  Then steps in

Launched in May of 2005, the match-making website now boasts over 2 million users and has made connections from coast to coast. 

Jerry Miller, the founder and current Chairman, told Northern Ag Network that it’s “like a domino effect,” explaining that as people meet someone through the website, the tell even more people.

The idea for the website came to Jerry while he was working in agricultural marketing.  A female farmer friend, who had gone through a divorce, was worried that she’d never find anyone new in her small community.  She tried a big-named dating site but found that she couldn’t relate to the men it offered.  Jerry, assuming there had to be a similar site for farmers out there, searched high and low only to find nothing.  A new website was born.

Acknowledging that the holidays were a busy season for, Miller encouraged folks to watch their newest TV commercial in which a dog buys his owner a premium membership to the website.  He also says that the website has become more than just about dating, building a community of like-minded individuals as it has grown.  



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Haylie Shipp

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