Free app shows Montana road conditions, weather


The Montana Department of Transportation is making it easier to prepare for holiday travel and winter roads with a free mobile application that provides road conditions, weather, incidents, highway closures and roadway camera images.

MDT's Travel Info mobile app is available in Google play, the iTunes App Store or on Amazon.


Road conditions are reported based on first hand observations by MDT’s experienced plow drivers and are updated as conditions change. Weather and road conditions change rapidly so motorists should use caution and be prepared.

Travelers are also reminded, “Don’t Crowd the Plow.” These vehicles are large and use a lot of room to operate. Snowplows typically travel slower than posted speeds while removing snow and ice from the roads and drivers field of vision may be restricted. Many snowplows are rear-ended each winter so remember to slow down, stay back and be prepared for winter maintenance materials spread from the back of the truck.

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Source:  Montana Standard

Posted by Jami Howell

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