Hot, Dry Weather Ups Grasshopper Problems


Over the past few months, there has been plenty of foreboding news about the potentially record breaking grasshopper population for the summer and fall of 2010.  As we approach the time of year when grasshoppers become a problem for producers, everyone is waiting to see if the reality will be as bad as the forecasts from earlier this spring. 

One specific group of producers is especially feeling the pressure of the grasshopper potential.  Lentil growers are extremely susceptible to costly losses from grasshoppers.

Northern Ag Network spoke with Kevin Warner, Assistant Professor of Entomology at Montana State University, late last week.

He explained a little about the general populations for this year along with the reasons for the extra worries from lentil producers.

Kevin did mention that small grains are not as damaged as expected but added that producers need to keep their eyes out for potential damage to winter wheat crops later this fall as the hot dry temperatures will allow grasshoppers to further develop.

Reports from Wyoming are that the time and money put into prevention seem to be paying off.

Regardless of location, producers need to be scouting their crops to see what the populations are like at this point.  County agents can offer good advice for battling grasshoppers. 


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Kaci Switzer & Haylie Shipp


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