Northern Livestock Video Sells 81,000 Head


Northern Livestock Video Auction held it’s “Summertime Classic” sale this week. Over 81,000 head of top quality Northern cattle were featured.

On Monday, Russell Nemetz spoke with Ty Thompson about this year’s sale.


There were over 54,000 steer and heifer calves; over 6,300 weaned calves; and over 20,000 head of yearlings.

Some real nice strings of fall calving bred cows were also featured.

On Monday, July 26th, selling were:

Lighter Weight Calves up to 600 pounds.

Range and Fall Calving Bred Cows

On Tuesday, July 27th, selling were:

Weaned Calves

Yearling Steers and Heifers

Red Angus Sired Calves

Heavier Weight Calves

Sale Results:

In speaking with Bob Cook and Ty Thompson , they said the market looked be $15 higher than 2009.

450-500# steers     $132-$140

500-550# steers     $127-$135

550-600# steers     $118-$130

750-850# steers     $108-$114

900-960# steers     $103-106 

For more information about upcoming video sales and internet auctions, visit

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