MGGA Listening Sessions, Malta, Larslan MT



As an MGGA member, one of the most important contributions you can make is to let us know what’s on your mind. We’ve planned nine listening sessions around the state this fall to give you an opportunity to have a say in your organization’s policies and priorities.

“MGGA policy is created at the grass roots level,” said President Rob Davis of Larslan, “and we depend on our members to give us direction. Each farming community has different priorities and these sessions give us an opportunity to learn about local concerns directly from our members.”

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Federal farm program development is also an important MGGA policy priority and, even though we’re just beginning to experience the programs implemented in 2014, it's already time to begin planning for the next Farm Bill. We need to hear how current programs are working and what provisions should be reformed.

You're invited! Make plans now to attend a listening session in your area.

Monday, October 17 
• 8:00 AM – Great Falls, Montana Electric Co-op, 501 Bay Drive
• 1:00 PM – Shelby, Comfort Inn, 455 McKinley Ave
• 5:00 PM – Havre, Northern Ag Research Center, 3710 Assinniboine Road

Tuesday, October 18
• 10:00 AM – Malta, Great Northern Hotel, 2 S 1st St E
• 4:00 PM – Larslan, Rob Davis Farm, 55 E. Larslan Road

Wednesday, October 19
• 8:00 AM – Plentywood, Sheridan County Civic Center, 4262 MT-16

Thursday, October 20
• 10:00 AM – Lewistown, Yogo Inn – Snowy Room, 211 E Main St
• 3:00 PM – Acton, 3 North Bar & Grill, 8369 Highway 3 North

Friday, October 21
• 10:00 AM – Bozeman, Holiday Inn – Jefferson Room, 5 E Baxter Lane

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