Montana Grain Growers and Montana Grains Foundation Award 2016 Scholarships


Great Falls – The Montana Grain Growers Association (MGGA) and the Montana Grains Foundation (MGF) are pleased to announce the recipients of their college scholarships for school year 2016-17.

The MGGA $1,000 scholarship winners are:

  • Riley Slivka, a high school senior from Winifred, plans to attend Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming to major in agricultural communication which he hopes will help him “better understand the best methods for promoting production agriculture.” Riley further stated in his application essay, “I also realize that many others in this world don’t know where their food comes from. They see videos and other media released from anti-agriculture movements and believe it. I want people to see the other side of the story.

  • Tom Grubb, a high school senior from Coffee Creek, plans to attend MSU-Bozeman and pursue a degree in Plant Science with an emphasis on Crop Science, because he “enjoys the agricultural lifestyle and finds the field of agronomy and plants interesting, and the current job market seems to be in need of individuals who have knowledge in noxious weeds and/or crop traits and diseases.”

The MGF $2,000 scholarship winners are:

  • Connor Hodgskiss will be a senior at MSU-Bozeman majoring in Plant Sciences with a Crop Science concentration. He eventually plans to attend graduate school to study crop rotations, because he thinks “crop rotations are incredibly interesting and complex systems which can help us conserve valuable resources that may be difficult to obtain again if lost, such as soil quality.”

  • Cooper Spicher will be a junior at MSU-Bozeman majoring in Plant Sciences with a Crop Science concentration. He is looking forward to “carrying on the family tradition associated with being a fifth generation Spicher farmer” and also wishes to become a Certified Crop Advisor to better serve his community after he returns home.

  • Emma Jobson is a graduate student in Plant Sciences with a concentration in Plant Genetics at MSU-Bozeman. Her graduate research project is focused on developing new variations and further understanding of a gene which is associated with yield increases in wheat. Emma stated in her application, “The significance of this project is the potential for wheat varieties with increased yields, fewer inputs, and therefore greater profits for growers in Montana.”

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