MT BOL to Discuss Internal Control, Bison, PED


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The Montana Board of Livestock will be meeting March 17 and 18 in Helena.  Below is the agenda as of March 10.  Look for changes


1:00 Monday Call to Order


Administrative Items

  • Roll call and Remarks from the Board
  • Approval of Board of Livestock Minutes
  • Approval of Chairperson Interim Authorizations and Activities
  • Approval of Executive Officer Reports
  • Longevity Pin presentations

1:30 Division Reports


Centralized Services, George Harris (90 minutes)

  • Action Item # 1: Department of Revenue Presentation- per capita fee collection
  • Internal Control Update
  • Procurement: Laboratory Information Management System
  • Milk Control Bureau Update/LLB Update
  • Budget Status SSR 2014
  • Action Item # 2: Executive Planning Process (EPP) 2016-17

3:00 Recess


3:15 Reconvene


Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, Dr Bill Layton (40 minutes)

  • Accreditation – Update
  • Salmonella Enterididis environmental testing
  • Status of the Veterinary Profession

USDA Wildlife Services Updates, John Steuber (15 minutes)


Milk & Egg Updates, Dan Turcotte (15 minutes)


12-Day Rule Discussion (20 minutes)


Montana Pork Producers – Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED)


Public Comment (10 minutes)


5:00 Adjournment




8:00 Tuesday Call to Order


Division Reports Continued


Animal Health, Marty Zaluski (90 minutes)

  • Action Item # 3: Bison Environmental Assessment for Year Round Tolerance
  • Legislative Proposal – Feral Swine
  • Miscellaneous Animal Health Updates
  • Action Item # 4: Out of State Travel Requests

    • FADD training, Plum Island, NY June 2 – 13, 2014

Meat Inspection, Gary Hamel (20 minutes)

  • Action Item # 5: ARM -rule updates (draft proposal)

Public Information, Steve Merritt (10 minutes)


10:15 Recess


10:30 Reconvene


Brands Enforcement, John Grainger (60 minutes)

  • Request to Board: CAN brand vs CAN tattoo
  • Legislative Proposal – changes to Horse Amnesty Act
  • Action Item # 6: Age Tally Mark resolution (ARM rule change proposal)
  • General Updates

Producer Organization Updates (10 minutes)


Public Comment (10 minutes)


Next Board Meeting – Set meeting date for May 2014


12:00 Adjournment




Source:  Montana Board of Livestock

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