MT FFA Student Among National Officer Candidates To Advance to Phase 2 of Selection Process


The 2018-19 National FFA Officer Team will be selected during the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo, electing six new FFA members to serve as the student leaders of the National FFA Organization.

The process to become a national officer is arduous, with the candidates – each state FFA association can submit one individual member annually – taking part in an extensive interview process with a National FFA Officer Nominating Committee. The committee is comprised of students who interview and select the national FFA officers during each National FFA Convention & Expo.

It takes a highly motivated person to become a successful National FFA Officer—an opportunity afforded to few members. Becoming a national officer requires members to learn about their passions and gain a better understanding of what life as a national officer is like. The life of a national officer is nonstop hard work and never-ending commitments, but it is a life-changing experience—one they will cherish forever.

Forty-two candidates vied for national office this past weekend during Phase 1 of the 2018-19 National FFA Officer Team selection process. Candidates advancing to Phase 2:

Jordan Stowe,  Alabama
Luke O’Leary,  California
Cassie Franks, Colorado
Zachary Duda, Connecticut
Morgan Hart, Georgia
Gretchen Hansten, Idaho
Joseph Birrittier, Illinois
Claire Baney, Indiana
Elizabeth Meyer, Kansas
Layni Leblanc, Louisiana
Adrian Schunk, Michigan
Katherine Benson, Minnesota
Sydnee Mason, Missouri
Kelsey Kraft, Montana
Renee Stillwell, New Jersey
Sherrie Ray, New Mexico
Ryan Matthews, Ohio
Ridge Hughbanks, Oklahoma
Shea Booster, Oregon
Austin Cathcart, South Carolina
Julia Knaggs, Tennessee
Theresa Seibel, Virginia
Meikah Dado, Wisconsin

All candidates will be introduced during the Fifth General Session on Friday, Oct. 26. The 2018-19 National FFA Officer Team will be selected during the Ninth General Session of convention on Saturday, Oct. 27.

Source: National FFA Organization

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