NDFU Publishes ‘Our Family Farm’ Children’s Book


North Dakota Farmers Union (NDFU) has released a children’s book, Our Family Farm, to tell the story of family farm agriculture.

“It’s one of many tools we’re using to educate the public about the importance of family farm agriculture to our state and nation,” said NDFU President Mark Watne. “Its subtitle, ‘Everyone Works on a Family Farm,’ definitely will resonate with anyone who has ever lived on a farm or visited a farm.”

The hardcover, oversized 34-page book tells the story of the Rhodes family farm, where multi-generations work together to feed livestock and grow crops. They do so with the help of Rocky the dog and their trusty farm equipment, each with its own name and personality. The book depicts the food production chain from farm to plate.

“I love that I got to work on a book that is so topical and important right now by showing kids and their parents where the food they eat actually comes from,” said well-known author and illustrator Dana Sullivan, who created the commissioned work. “The food grown by family farmers in North Dakota not only feeds the U.S., but a big part of the world.”

Book sale proceeds go to support NDFU’s youth education program and humanitarian efforts, research initiatives that enhance rural life, and rural economic development opportunities.

The book retails for $16.95 and can be purchased online at ndfu.2020brands.com or call 1-800-366-NDFU.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dana Sullivan wrote and illustrated Ozzie and the Art ContestKay Kay’s Alphabet Safari, and My Red Velvet Cape. He’s illustrated the Digger and Daisy early reader series, the BodyOpolis series, and one of the Buddy Files mysteries. He resides near Seattle with his wife and barky dog, Bennie.

Source: NDFU

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