Panel: Money Keeps Animals on Endangered Species List


In a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee interior subcommittee hearing Wednesday, lawmakers were told by a panel of witnesses that they believe many species currently being protected by the Endangered Species Act don't need it, and the reason these animals remain on the Endangered Species list is due to money.  

According to a report in the Washington Examiner ( a panel of witnesses told Congress that there's more money in suing to keep animals on the Endangered Species List than there is in removing them.  

“A primary incentive to litigation that's a barrier to delisting is money,” said Lowell Baier, a lawyer and environmental historian. “Money, money, money, it's that simple. It's the reimbursement of legal fees.”

The House Natural Resources Committee is reviewing the Endangered Species Act this week and plans to hear more testimony Thursday morning.

Republicans complain that the Endangered Species Act is not working effectively to get animals off the list. In their view, it has become another way to block off federal land for ranching and energy production and harms economic activity.

However, Democrats on the committee said delisting isn't necessarily the best way to judge the Endangered Species Act's impact on threatened animals.

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Source:  Washington Examiner

Photo Credits:  Yellowstone National Park

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