Ranchers from Drought States Turn to Montana for Replacement Cattle


by Tom Lutey

It was only a matter of time before ranchers began replacing the 4.3 million American cattle lost to drought since 2012. Now, they’re filling the void with Montana livestock.

Since early spring, buyers from as far away as Texas and Tennessee have been represented in the bleachers of Montana auction arenas, where bidding on replacement heifers has been brisk.

The trend should bolster Montana’s gross income from cattle sales, which was already surging from $961 million in 2009 to roughly $1.6 billion last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“I’ve been sending some cattle as far away as Tennessee,” said Scott Robbie, of Robbie Cattle Co. in Park City. “There’s an interest in replacing females, and they like the quality of ours and the hardiness.”

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Source:  Billings Gazette

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