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While it’s been a rather long and relatively bumpy road, recommendations for revamped Roles and Responsibilities that dictate how the Cattlemen’s Beef Board conducts its business were passed quickly by a “very large majority” Wednesday morning at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Kissimmee, Florida.

Northern Ag Network spoke with Ted Greidanus, a member of the CBB Executive Committee, shortly after that vote was taken.

He outlined one of the most key changes.

Bill Donald, President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and a Montana rancher spoke with us on Wednesday.

He spoke very well of what took place during the meeting.

CLICK HERE to see the final document that was voted on.

The process of updating the Roles and Responsibilities began early in 2010.  While the summer meeting last year was reportedly filled with tension partially due to this issue, Ted says that the tone of this year’s gathering was positive and that there was good discussion throughout the entire meeting.

Following the resignations of a few key leaders within the CBB, the Board also voted to elect new leadership today.  Wesley Grau will be the Chairman and Weldon Wynn will be the Vice-Chairman.


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Haylie Shipp


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