Roadkill Salvage Permits Now Available


Montana wildlife officials said permits to salvage deer, elk, antelope or moose killed in vehicular collisions will be available online beginning Tuesday.

The new law that allows for the salvage of road-killed wildlife for food became effective in October. The permit system, which is now approved and becomes operational tomorrow, allows individuals to pick up road-killed wildlife. The permit must be completed within 24 hours of salvage. Only deer, elk, antelope or moose killed in vehicular collisions can be salvaged.

If a person is involved in a vehicle-animal collision, the Montana Highway Patrol and some other law enforcement officers responding to the collision will have the ability to process a permit on site. If not, one must apply for a permit online.

One can salvage an animal that he or she did not hit. Anyone who salvages a road-killed deer, elk, antelope or moose will be required to remove the entire animal from where it is found. Parts or viscera cannot be left on site. The salvaged animal must be used for one's own consumption and cannot be donated to others, used for bait or pet food.

To obtain a permit one must first agree to an affirmation to the conditions for the salvage and possession of vehicle killed wildlife. A law enforcement officer may require inspection of the animal, parts, meat and may request the permittee take the officer to the site where the animal was picked up.

For more information, and to obtain a salvage permit, visit Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks online at Click “Fish & Wildlife”, and then click “Licenses and Permits”.

Source: MT FWP

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